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Construction | Staining/Lining | Care | Court & Disk Dressing

Kurt shares some guidelines and insights on Shuffleboard Court construction, staining, lining, and the proper dressing of the court and discs for optimum performance and durability.

$$$$ - Don't do-it-yourself to save money!  In most cases, we can do the same work, using equal or better materials for little more than it will cost you for materials alone. AND, WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK!



ORIENTATION - Courts should be laid out on a North/South axis whenever possible to minimize sun in the players eyes.

SITE PREPARATION - Well-drained, dead-level, self-compacted base, over which a water-proof membrane is placed.

FORMS - Western Cedar, Redwood, or a similar wood should be used.  The forms should be selected for straightness, well-oiled, and well-staked.

REINFORCING - Use rebar steel, consistent with local practice for flat slabs and adequate to prevent vertical movement of slab when it cracks.

CONCRETE - Pour courts first, then next day pull forms, then form and pour gutters.  Slab should be 6" thick of either 2500 or 3000 PSI.  Court surface should have an open finish for optimum bonding of stains and sealers.

SURFACE PREPARATION - After at least 30 days, lightly stone the court surface with hand-rubbing stones to remove any sharp points or loose grit. Court should be treated with a mild muriatic acid solution prior to staining.


PAINT - There are many green stains avilable.  We recommend either Sherwn-Williams or Behr (Home Depot).  Two (2) gallons per court should be ample.

PREPARATION - For re-greening of existing courts, clean the court(s) thoroughly with T.S.P. (Tri-Sodium Phosphate).  A floor scrubber is preferred.  Rinse several times. 

APPLICATION - Follow directions on the paint container.  Use a plastic paint tray and a 9" roller (1/2" nap) for applying the green.

LINING - Use white 'Rust-Oleum Striping Paint or Sherwin Williams Traffic Paint,' one 18 oz. can will do two (2) courts.  Do not use any type lining paint that will allow build-up as this will impede the disc.

STENCILS - It is best to invest in a 3-piece plastic Stencil Set, that includes all lines and numbers. 

WAX - Apply two coats of Nella-Seal #2 Court Wax (separated by a few days) to protect the lines and condition the court for play. 


1.  Sweep courts daily with a soft bristle 24" broom with a 6' handle.

2.  Hose courts weekly with clean water.

3.  Twice per year, wash the courts with a good liquid soap.  Best results are obtained by using a soft-bristle brush.  Rinse several times.

4.  Wax the courts two to three times per year (more frequently depending on use) with Nella-Seal #2 Court Wax using a 12" lambs wool applicator or 3/8" nap paint roller.  Carefully follow application directions on container.

5.  Remove water after a rain, in early morning, or after hosing.  The fast and easy way is to use a Roll-Dri water remover.

Court & Disc Dressing

NELLA-SEAL #2 COURT WAX - A miracle court conditioner.  Resists temperature changes.  Non-gumming. One gallon covers two (2) courts.  Used and recommended by leading clubs such as the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club on their 52 Courts.

KRYSTAL GLAZE - Acrylic shuffleboard base coating.  A water-based product, crystal clear for sealing your court.  One gallon will do four (4) courts.

SHUFFLE GLASS BEADS - The most popular court dressing in use today.  Sprinkle sparingly on the court.  Available in 6#, 12# & 50# containers.

DISK WAX - Apply a few lines horizontally and vertically (checkerboard fashion) to the bottom of the suffleboard discs; also, to the outer rim of the bottom of the discs.  (May be prohibited in some tournament play)

PLASTIC BEADS - Silicone based, for use in windy conditions where glass beads would be blown off the court.  Sprinkle sparingly on the court.  Available in 5# container.

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